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LenStock.com Telxon Interface

Do you own a Telxon unit? LenStock.com now offers this handy FREE utility that will allow you to continue using your telxon unit with LenStock.com.


To download, click here then select the option called "Save".

Then click the pull down box named "Save in" and select your desktop.

Once finished downloading, you may double click TelxonLenstock.exe on your desktop and follow the onscreen instructions. This will install the LenStock Telxon Inteface on your computer. After installing, you should restart your computer to make sure that all files have been installed.

The LenStock.com Telxon Interface was designed to be a "background" program. Which means that when running it doesn't interfere with your normal activities on the computer. To access it, right click the small icon in the lower right hand corner next to the time.

The first time it is run, it will ask for your LenStock.com username, password, and telxon configuration data(the defaults work in most cases).

Once configured, you can attach your telxon reader and transmit your lens data as per the normal instructions for the device.

After transmission, LenStock.com Telxon Interface will pop-up a menu allowing you to select what you wish to do with the various OPCs that where contained in the telxon reader.

   Remove From Stock: Will remove the scanned lenses from your inventory and use the automatic reordering feature of LenStock to add items to the orderlist if they fall below minimum in-stock.
   Remove From Stock with Re-Order: Will remove the scanned lenses from your inventory and use the automatic reordering feature of LenStock to add items to the orderlist as long as they are not above your maximum in-stock values.
   Add to Order: Will directly add any scanned lenses to your orderlist
   Add to Stock: Is used for entering your initial inventory.

Please note, before sending, you MUST be connected to the internet. If there are any errors(or if you are not connected to the internet), it will display an error and allow you to retry. If you selected "Do not send now", the lenses you transmited will remain in the LenStock.com Telxon Interface and if you right click on the Telxon icon in the system tray, it will give you the option to re-send, or if you transmit more lenses, it will add them to the previous list.

If you ever need to check when the last time you had sent your telxon orders, or if you wish to re-send a previous telxon order, you may do so by right clicking the telxon icon and selecting "History".

To resend an order, simply click on an order, then select the option called "ReSend".
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